Taking the stress out of the school run

It’s that time of year again – the summer holidays are almost coming to an end and its back to school for many or the start of school for some! Planning ahead is essential with children and the daily school run is no exception! If your car is well prepared, it can make all the difference. Not only will it make the adjustment from the summer holidays to school smoother but preparing everything you need for the school run in advance will save time, especially on those hectic mornings where things are not going quite to plan…Lets dive in and see what we can prepare and check off our list before school starts!


Some helpful tips to prepare your car in advance:


Choose the right car seat / check if an upgrade is needed

Choose the right car seat in advance, and if it is new, make sure your little one has been using it for a few days before the 1st day of school, creche or playschool…Any changes to the usual routine (even a new car seat) needs adapting to. At Babycare, we have a large range of car seats for you to try. Rotating car seats are particularly useful for younger children and can save time and make the drop off run smoothly - especially on the school run. Reach out to our team for any questions you may have on the best car seat for you and your car. Car seats and high back booster seats all require a minimum / max weight. Check if your little one needs to upgrade to a high back booster seat. Weigh your child and check that their weight corresponds to their current car seat.


Check your car seat is correctly fitted

Over 50% of car seats are fitted incorrectly. Bringing your children to and from school every day, activities outside of school, playdates means we are spending more and more time in the car. Car seats are one of the most important safety items that you will purchase and use frequently. They can prevent serious injuries if correctly used and correct use means making sure they are securely fitted. Make sure you check that your car seat is fitted correctly. At www.babycareshop.ie you can see video instructions for fitting your car seat. We also offer a free check it fits service at our store in Wicklow town. Call by our shop and we will be happy to check your car seat for you. If you live further away and you are still unsure if your car seat is sitting correctly, contact us and we will organize a video call to advise you.


Car seat protection & storage

All car seat covers are machine washable but you can also protect your car seat and the back seat of the car with a useful car seat protector & storage. The storage compartments can can be used to carry soothers, comforters, blankies, bottles or snacks, games colours of books


Car seat rain covers

If you have an infant car seat, make sure you have a car seat rain cover you can pop on and off when needed. The car seat will remain dry for the rest of the journey and your little one too.


Car safety mirrors

In keeping with car safety laws, babies should be rear facing until 9kg. With that in mind, car mirrors are a clever solution that can help alleviate the urge to pull over at every cough cry or noise. Usually secured on to the headrest in front of your babys car seat, they offer a wide angle view of your little one allowing you to keep a close eye on how they are doing using your rear-view mirror. Make sure that it is correctly positioned before driving.


Car seat safety clips

Your little one is at the age of not wanting to keep his/her seatbelt on? Designed to keep the harness shoulder straps in place and to discourage children from removing them, Try our clippasafe security clip. Sometimes just using this safety clip for one week only is all that is needed for your child to understand that the harness is to stay secure. Once he/she is used to the clip and doesn’t try and remove the harness anymore, it can be removed.


Travel blankets & spare comforters

For them cold mornings, keep some extra blankets in the car under the seat or in the storage compartments while waiting for the car to warm up. When your baby grows attached to their comforter, buy a spare and keep it in the car saving the hassle of looking for it when rushing out the door.


Sun protection

The cold weather may soon be upon us but this doesn’t mean we don’t have bright sunny mornings every now and then. Protect your baby from the glare of the sun with our range of sun shades. Sun shades may not be needed all year round but our foldable sunshades allow you to keep them neatly stored away in case you need them.


Car pooling / Extra car seats

You may unexpectedly need to pick up or drop off a niece / nephew or one of your children’s friends one day. Have a booster cushion ready in the boot of your car that can be used (if age appropriate) At Babycare, we have many booster cushions on offer and one of our most popular ones is the Osann Junior. This booster cushion can be used with or without isofix and is a very comfortable, compact cushion.


And finally, It’s worth having a small selection of drinks & dry snacks stored in the car for them just in case moments