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Noordi Sole.GO - Dark Brown & FREE Footmuff or Isofix Base

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Noordi Sole.GO-Dark Brown
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Noordi  Sole.GO - Dark Brown & FREE Footmuff or Isofix Base
Noordi  Sole.GO - Dark Brown & FREE Footmuff or Isofix Base

SOLE.GO is designed for an easy everyday life.  
This pram is the best choice for those who are constantly in motion and like off-road strolls. Traveling with your little one has never been so easy: when space is limited - foldable carrycot fits even into the tiniest spaces, when the road is bumpy - SOLE.GO chassis goes through any terrain.

SOLE GO has an exceptional and extra sturdy chassis. The strong and light aluminium frame ensures the chassis is reliable and durable. The anticorrosive characteristics of the 6061 aluminium alloy were tested in extreme conditions to ensure its robustness.  In compliance with strict safety regulations, there are no cavities in any of the SOLE GO frame bending points to eliminate any chance of clasping one’s fingers.  Thanks to it’s exceptional properties, the chassis stand out for its special maneuverability on any surface. It's like a jeep that is not afraid of any road.  The SOLE GO stroller chassis folds quickly and easily. Due to sophisticated engineering, the seat unit of the stroller compactly folds together with the frame to take up 38% less space than the standard solution. The folded stroller will easily fit in your trunk or at home.

Sole.GO is where minimalism and style meets. Monochrome colour mix of melange and eco-leather looks so classy... We picked colors that are trendy all year long! Minimal textures and grounding tones combined gives the feeling of elegance and subtlety. Eco-leather handlebar and metallic logo are nice finishing touches that evokes a sense of luxury.  Equipped with everything you need - Sole.go is a great choice for those who are always on the go.
The foot-cover of the SOLE GO stroller has a protection against wind. This wind protection has a window in your stroller canopy you can open to peek at your baby. This is a perfect solution for parents who love to be able to see their little one without breaking stride.
One-ClickTM brake system was created for the simple and instant activation, thus ensure the highest safety. For this system, the stroller can be stopped with one click.
SOLE GO has Real-GelTM wheels are filled with a special gel that extends the durability and makes sure that no additional maintenance of the wheels is required.  The front wheels can be locked or unlocked in one go. The unlocked wheels rotate easily around their axis at a 360-degree angle. They provide the chassis with extra
manoeuverability, making it much easier for parents to manoeuver between shop shelves. The front wheels of the stroller can be locked. This feature is important when traveling on forest trails, sand or snow. The locked wheels of the stroller move forward or backward in the same line. This makes it easier for the stroller to move on viscous and obstacle-filled surfaces.
The NOORDI engineers focused on solutions that would ensure smooth journeys for you and your baby. This led to the creation of more reliable and lighter shock-absorbers. Stroller with adjustable shock-absorbing frame which allows you to adjust the stroller suspension to the surface you walk on. They play a very important role in the baby stroller’s mobility.  Robust shock absorbers adjust to the changing weight of the baby and manage the smooth and effective motion on any terrain. The amortisation system absorbs the resistance from an uneven road and eliminates any potential impact. Stroller with shock absorbers gives the smoothest ride for your most precious passenger.
When creating SOLE GO stroller, we strive to ensure that the baby feels comfortable, cozy, and most importantly - safe. Therefore, the inner fabrics are coated following the special SILVER-IONSTM technology, due to which the fabrics become antibacterial. American Army uniforms are also processed according to this technology, to prevent any infections in case of damage.  The internal fabrics are made from cotton and provide a pleasant sense of coziness and naturalness for the interior of the baby stroller.  The cradle mattress is consist of three different layers: cotton with silver ions protection, cotton ad polyester, wool and polyester. The combination of these layers provides comfort to the baby.
SOLE GO the hoods of the carrycot and seat unit are coated with quality of exclusive polyester that is resilient to wind, rain and snow, and quickly evaporates the moisture that builds up inside. The special antistatic finishing of the stroller fabrics protects it from soiling.  High-quality fabrics have UV 50+ protection that prevents fading of fabrics.
The SOLE GO and reliable sewing are optimized to the finest detail, and the noise proof hood pulls down fully to create an oasis for extremely comfortable travel. The space in the seat unit is plentiful – it’s 94 cm tall and 39 cm wide, making it 26% bigger than the standard stroller seats.
The seat unit of the SOLE GO stroller has an adjustable back that can be used even in several positions. This stroller has a lie-flat (horizontal) position of the back, which is especially important when traveling with a baby. While using a lie-flat position, the baby can fully stretch out and enjoy a sweet sleep. Meanwhile, parents can sure that their baby will wake up rested as the baby’s muscles relax and rest in the lie-flat position.
The seat unit of the stroller has an adjustable platform for the baby's feet. It has several positions that can be adjusted according to the baby's height. The platform, together with the back of the seat unit, can form a completely lie-flat position, that all the baby's muscles can rest at the same time. The SOLE GO stroller's leg platform has a support for the child's legs, that they would not dangle.
Reversible seat means whatever age your child is, you can choose the seat facing the direction that'll work for you both. Parent facing, your little one can look at you when she's in her pushchair, so you can chatter away face-to-face. While facing the world adds the stimulation from everything going on out there.
We have integrated an additional ventilation window into the hood extension of the SOLE GO carrycot. This design detail works well to hide your little one from the sunlight and at the same time provides with the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air.
The seat unit of the SOLE GO stroller has 5-point harness system, which ensures the safety of the baby. In an effort to create maximum comfort for the baby, harness system has soft cushions. There are additional openings in the seat unit to move the seat belts according to the baby's height. This allows the baby to be securely fastened and secured.
We have given high priority to safety when creating this stroller. With this in mind, we added an eco leather protective handle for the baby with an extra seat belt in the seat unit. This seat belt will prevent the baby from slipping out of the seat unit.
The height of the SOLE GO chassis handlebar can be adjusted both up and down. So, both a taller father and baby's brother or sister will adapt to a convenient option. The chassis grip has additional bending angles which is especially important when we spend a long time outdoors traveling with our little one. By changing the position of the hands, one muscles can relax and allow others to work.  Stroller handles are covered with eco-leather, which adds a touch of luxury.
Complete your look with original SOLE GO handbag. This solid and modern bag is spacious and functional. Attachment straps securely fasten the handbag to your stroller. Front pocket provides easy access to essential items.
Extra-large shopping bag allows you to put together the things you need when traveling.
SOLE GO stroller comes with rain cover and mosquito net. Accessories are lightweight and compact for easy transport and storage. The rain cover has a front window for fast, easy access to your child. Mosquito net is made of breathable mesh for optimal visibility, the mosquito net allows you and your baby to see one another and more importantly, for your baby to have plenty of fresh air. These accessories designed to protect your little one from wind, wet weather and insects such as mosquitoes it easily attaches to the stroller.


  • Height adjustable handle: 72-112cm
  • Chassis Open: H 118 x W 60.5 x L 101cm approx.
  • Chassis Folded: H 32 x W 60.5 x L 73cm approx.
  • Chassis Weight: 8.5kg approx.
  • Carrycot Weight: 2.9kg. approx.
  • Seat Unit Weight: 4.7kg approx.

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