Nano & Nanette is a French brand of clothing that was created in 2013.

The name origninates from a  Belgian comic "Nano & Nanette" famous in the 1960's about the adventures of 2 little kids, a boy called nano & a girl called Nanette.  The logo represents these 2 children.  The concept is offering parents a "mini me" wardrobe inspired by adult fashion while remaining functional for children. 

Fabrics & Collection

The brand offers different everyday fabrics that have been modernised (stonewashed denim, fleece, dyed t shirts etc).  The fabrics are of high quality and the brand is mix and match, you can buy 2 or 3 tops to match different trousers and accessorise with jackets, cardigans, and hats and scarf sets.  The size range is from birth -  4 years and they launch a new summer and winter collection every year. 


Its a unique brand and we are the exclusive retail shop in Ireland selling this brand - you wont find anything similar!  We have special gift boxes available.


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